Scarlet Coaching  W/ Jacqueline Hart
            Specializing in Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and Codependency

Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologer
   & Angel Intuitive

 Life Coaching for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

Specializing in the unique recovery from emotional and physical abuse that results from relationships with narcissists and sociopaths.
Are you struggling to put the pieces of your life, and yourself, back together after a hit and run by a Narcissist, or other disordered person?

Have you come to realize you have been trying to earn the love of a parent or spouse, but no matter what you do or how hard you try, the love and approval you seek remains out of your reach?

Do you want to stop giving your power away to circumstances and people?

Are you experiencing difficulty:

  • Letting go of a toxic person in your life for good?
  • Maintaining your sanity through a divorce with a Narcissist?
  • Finding and feeling your power again?
  • Walking away from the insanity a disordered person brings?
  • Healing the fear, pain or anxiety you have suffered as a result of the relationship/s you have been in?
  • Letting go of the anger and/or grief now that you have gone No or Limited Contact with an abuser?

I have been where you are. You are not alone.

I teach connection to self through the use of simple, non-denominational, spiritual and therapeutic tools to men & women who have survived abusive relationships. I can help you build a foundation to begin healing and transforming your self and your life, for good.

I work with people who have survived abuse and want to reclaim the personal power they once had. Maybe you think you have never been powerful. If you have made it through this far, I guarantee you this is not the case. You may feel disconnected from the strong person you are, but that person still exists. I can help you to reconnect. I can help you heal. I can help change your perspective. I can help you because I have survived Narcissistic abuse. I understand how life altering these relationships can be. I know how to make this experience a catalyst for a new life, because I have done it, and I can help you do it too.

I offer an intensive 12 week program to help you succeed in becoming a powerful co-creator in your own life. I will support and teach you to:

  • Increase self esteem and awareness
  • Identify and heal core wounds associated w/abuse
  • Release negative beliefs and behaviors holding you back 
  • Forgive and experience freedom from past abuse
  • Determine whether no contact or limited contact is appropriate for you
  • Attract healthy romantic partners and friends
  • Realize the strength of your divine self and use it to shine and be proud to be powerful.

***Schedule your free, no obligation coaching consultation, and we can discuss working together towards your healing goals***

Withdrawal from Toxic Relationships

No Path to the Heart: The Futility of Relationships with Narcissists or Sociopaths

In a healthy, heart centered, relationship, we experience connection. The love between two people is given and received openly. There is a natural flow that exists. Of course it isn't perfect and as human beings we fall into fear, experience disconnection and we work to re-connect. These are the natural struggles of relationship, the rough patches. These struggles are not meant to be the norm.

In a relationship with a personality disordered person, we give love that is never authentically received. Our love is deflected by the ego, twisted and manipulated. The person we have shared love with is lacking a path to the heart, by which to receive it. In a loving relationship, our love would be acknowledged, accepted and returned or responded to. This is not the case when our partner is disordered. Our trial begins when we respond to our disordered partner, by giving more, giving differently and expecting less in return. We do this hoping for a better outcome.

We have now embarked on an exhausting and futile journey. Our energy will be drained; our perceptions of self and others will be challenged and distorted. Ultimately, our hearts will be broken.

Healing from Abuse: 6 Ways to Heal the Feminine Spirit after Abuse

You may have identified you have been in a relationship with a narcissist, or a sociopath or a sociopath-narcissist. You may have read and re-read the signs and symptoms. Maybe you have compared your stories with those of others who have walked the same road. Perhaps you have felt shock, anger and grief, at the realizations of who you were really with. Maybe you're wondering why. Why did I choose this person, or why did I let this person choose me? Maybe you're ready to start moving past it but find yourself reliving the past or the feelings of the past.


Now what?

It's Not You it's Them; The Only Sign You Need to Know Your in a Relationship with a Narcissist

Do you suspect you are or have been, in a relationship with a narcissist? Have you felt like the behavior of a loved one, co-worker or close friend drains you on a regular basis or leaves you feeling like you're the crazy one? Have you felt like:


  • two people live in your partner's body; Prince Charming and a guy with an explosive even abusive, temper
  •  your parent/s sabotage instead of support you
  •  your friend wears a target, attracting life altering events that have you exhausted coming to her/his aid
  •  your co-worker acts like your friend when its the two of you, and your adversary in front of the boss
    • your therapist laughs at you, not with you, or discounts you or your feelings inappropriately.

    Five Tips to Shine in Your Power Now

    We've all been there, right? Someone steps right over our boundaries or treats us abusively, and we're left feeling victimized and angry. Maybe we even told the person in the past what our boundary is, and still they wiped their feet on it! How dare they? How could she be so disrespectful? How could he do this to me?


    The question is: How could we do this to ourselves?

    Mindfulness and the Course

    This is a great lesson to bring to mind if your currently practicing mindful awareness. I may not always be able to bring love to every situation. I am human, after all, and equipped with an ever alert ego, ready to pounce on all perceived attacks to my peace. (A state of being which promises to pull me out of peace every time!)


    The beauty in this lesson is its' simplicity. I can easily remember to judge nothing. As judgement, good or bad, begins to form, I can dismiss and move my awareness back to just noticing.


    In truth, it is in the absence of judgement that a centered space of love is found. This space waits patiently for us to return to it.

    What is Reiki?

    Reiki is the force within all living things. Matter is not living without the spark that is all life. Without the life force that runs through us, we're all simply meat suits. The word Reiki, translated, means; universal life force energy. It is the energy within all living things and the energy connecting all living things.


    So what is Reiki healing? In a reiki healing session, the practitioner channels this energy from the surrounding environment, through themselves, and on through the client. Reiki is not a foreign energy; it is energy that is already present, focused for the intention of healing and enlightenment.


    A Reiki Practitioner helps the client to awaken self healing abilities we all have, but have been conditioned, over centuries, to block or ignore.

    Simple Suggestions to Begin Working With Your Angels

    Have you been wanting to learn more about the Archangels? Are you unsure about how to start a dialogue and invite the angels into your life? The most important thing to remember is the angels want to communicate with you. To find out more click the link below.
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