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Mindfulness and the Course

Posted on May 31, 2015 at 9:30 PM

By Jacqueline Hart

The lesson reviewed here is Lesson 243: Today I will Judge Nothing That Occurs.


This is a great lesson to bring to mind if your currently practicing mindful awareness. I may not always be able to bring love to every situation. I am human, after all, and equipped with an ever alert ego, ready to pounce on all perceived attacks to my peace. (A state of being which promises to pull me out of peace every time!)


The beauty in this lesson is its' simplicity. I can easily remember to judge nothing. As judgement, good or bad, begins to form, I can dismiss and move my awareness back to just noticing.


In truth, it is in the absence of judgement that a centered space of love is found. This space waits patiently for us to return to it. It never leaves us. But, if you're at all like me, we can waste much energy diving out of it, in a misguided attempt at self preservation. How better to protect ourselves than staying in the moment?


How much information do we miss when our awareness floats back and forth from the past to the future? How often do we wonder why someone else cannot see what is so obviously placed in front of them for a reason? How often do we wonder how we missed the obvious, ourselves?


The universe hides nothing from our awareness that we need to see. Our ego denies the truth by perceiving the past in it's place, or setting up camp in plans for the future. Our guides communicate with us in the now. We simply cannot receive their valuable guidance, if we never allow ourselves to just be still.


Make plans for the future based on the guidance you receive today. Be open to adjustments in plans and allow the universe to guide you as it self-corrects your course, lovingly, every time you lose your place. Know that part of the human experience is to "experience" wrong turns. Its all good. Just let go of judgement, and go the other way.


Peace exists in the space of curiosity, of noticing, of acceptance and non-judgement. Peace is right where you are.




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