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What is Reiki?

Posted on June 9, 2015 at 10:10 AM


Reiki is the force within all living things. Matter is not living without the spark that is all life. Without the life force that runs through us, we're all simply meat suits. The word Reiki, translated, means; universal life force energy. It is the energy within all living things and the energy connecting all living things.


So what is Reiki healing? In a reiki healing session, the practitioner channels this energy from the surrounding environment, through themselves, and on through the client. Reiki is not a foreign energy; it is energy that is already present, focused for the intention of healing and enlightenment.


A Reiki Practitioner helps the client to awaken self healing abilities we all have, but have been conditioned, over centuries, to block or ignore. The practitioner is not doing the actual healing work, reiki is. The client is remembering on a cellular level how to self heal. We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves, but we have been conditioned to seek everything we need outside of ourselves. Healing included.


For example; when a deer is clipped by a car on the road and goes flying into ditch they are capable of treating their own resulting "trauma" without meds or therapy. The deer's body will begin to shake, and the trauma is literally shaken off. A deer is not taught to do this. They just do. A deer does not suffer from post traumatic stress. Perhaps when we tell each other and ourselves to "shake it off" when we are sad or afraid, we are tapping into similar ancient knowledge, even though the exact technique escapes us.


So what can reiki treat? The simplest answer is anything. Reiki treats physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Reiki healed me of endometriosis, a physical condition. I have seen it alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression and addiction. I have seen it increase intuition and successfully treat physical pain and injury.


When I look at what we refer to as healing in the western world, I can understand why we all struggle to believe we can actually heal ourselves. We have created a healing modality so complex with surgery, treatments and medications, it appears healing is almost impossible and to be healed takes long and painful work. But we seem to only get sicker, which makes me question the entire system.


I believe when we combine the science of western medicine with the ancient wisdom of eastern healing remedies we will have achieved a balanced approach to wellness that will serve the highest good of all. (Not just the highest good of pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment suppliers). These tools are useful, but I don't believe we were meant to rely only on science and technology to be well. Reiki is simply another tool. So is Yoga, nutrition and meditation. But, don't rely solely on me. What does your body tell you?


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