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Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and CO-Dependency

This 90 Day program is designed to help process feelings you may be stuck in, re-wire your thinking, refocus your energy, and discover and set boundaries appropriate boundaries for you. . By the end of this program you will be able to use tools that will help you manage the symptoms of trauma associated with past narcissistic abuse so you can move on. This program is designed to serve whether you are currently involved with a narcissist or you have already left that relationship.


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Single Coaching Session
One Hour  $125

In this session you will receive guidance in the following areas: 

  • Processing current situations, relationships and/or the thoughts and feelings about life as it is right now. 
  • Identifying, setting and maintaining boundaries
  • Implementing tools to cope with trauma and/or triggers
  • Introducing additional tools for healing and coping with trauma

***EFT and support are available with this session as well***

Call for details regarding sliding scale fees