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About Jacqueline and Scarlet Coaching Services

My healing began when others who survived narcissistic abuse shared their stories with me. I found it profoundly validating to realize I was not alone and I was not crazy. In the spirit of paying it forward, in hopes others will be validated as I was, here is my story: 

I learned about personality disorders while working as a substance abuse counselor. I came to realize I was unconsciously wired to "supply" Narcissistic Personality Disordered individuals. Having learned this kind of wiring is the result of conditioning through past relationships, I began to work with a therapist individually. Relationships with narcissistic and other disordered abusers was a pattern for me. I came from a dysfunctional narcissistic home. As an adult, I had re-created the dysfunction in my primary relationships. Tired of suffering, I became willing to go to any lengths to never experience relational abuse again.

These realizations set my second divorce in motion, and ended other relationships. But ending relationships was not all the work I needed to do. I had to do the work to reprogram my head. I had to let go of  the thoughts and behaviors that resulted from continued participation in narcissistic relationships over decades of my life. I had to learn to disengage from toxic. Many of us have to co-parent with abusers. Learning to stay in contact with a narcissist without losing our minds is challenging, to say the least.

As a result of the work I now teach I learned to; respond rather than react to the narcissists I am court ordered to communicate with, question and disarm the voice of my inner critic, manage symptoms of anxiety and dissociation resulting from C-PTSD, set and maintain boundaries and participate in healthy relationships.

My own healing journey consisted of multiple teachers, both traditional and spiritual healers. I practiced yoga, meditation and learned reiki. I participated in traditional therapy and support groups. I studied different spiritual and religious philosophies around suffering, sin, forgiveness, relationships and meaning.  I learned EFT and mindfulness. I practiced therapeutic journalism and processing through writing.



The twelve week program for survivors of narcissistic abuse I offer is  inspired by the pace and intensity of residential treatment programs. If you choose to work with me, you will work hard, and you will see results. The goal is to heal the past, be healthy in the present and to learn tools that keep us safe from relapsing into old behaviors. The work doesn't end when the abusive relationship does. This is when our journey begins.


The purpose of this program is to release old patterns and behaviors that don't work and to embrace and practice new thoughts and behaviors that do. It is from a transformed foundation that we can begin to manifest lives aligned with our true nature.


It takes great strength to survive abuse. I believe every survivor deserves the right to enjoy and benefit from that strength. I am honored to serve survivors and committed to advocate for all of us.


Thank you for sharing in my story.

If you're ready, I hope to hear from you soon. 

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